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@2013 C&R Pet Products LLC is the manufacturer of Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™ products.

Keep It On Collar™

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About Keep It On Collar ™

Our Story

Sad to say, every year thousands of dogs across the country get hit by cars, because they have slipped out of their collars.

The Keep It On Collar™ was designed to be a safer pet collar. The inspiration for this collar came after Christine Parker, a dog obedience trainer, had witnessed two incidents where dogs were put at alarming risk in escaping from their collars.

One incident occurred when a timid Chihuahua was frightened by a bicycle. The tiny dog panicked, backed out of its collar, then dashed onto a busy street, making a bee-line under Chris’s car. Fortunately, Chris had just parked her car and was able to retrieve the dog safely.

A second incident took place at a horse show. A dog had gotten loose from its collar, and began barking at and chasing after the horses, making it a target for getting kicked or trampled. Finally the owner showed up, frustrated in having done everything possible to keep the dog from getting out of its collar.

Reflecting on these two incidents, Chris set out to design a safer collar — and that is when she developed the Keep It On Collar™.


Christine Parker is the inventor of the Keep It On Collar™. The Keep It On Collar™ was in the development process for several years. It was finally completed and patented in August 11, 2012 (patent No. D683,085). The patented collar is a product of C & R Pet Products LLC, an Oregon state registered limited liability entity.


The Keep It On Collar™ is a patented two-in-one pet collar intended as a safer form of collar, making it difficult for pets to slip or get loose from them.


C & R Pet Products LLC, maker of the Keep It On Collar™, is owned and managed by Christine and Roger Parker.


The Keep It On Collar™ is a product of the following primary markets: wholesale, retail and online suppliers, stores, departments, sellers of products for pets, farm, 4H, veterinary, animal training, animal rescue, animal adoption, animal show and exhibition.

Core Product

The Keep It On Collar™ is a core product of C & R Pet Products LLC. A core accessory of the Keep It On Collar™ is its matching leash.


The Keep It On Collar™ customers primarily consist of wholesalers, retailers – online and brick & mortar stores, as well as pet owners, breeders and exhibitors.

Product Distinction

The Keep It On Collar™ is intended to be “safer” through its combined two-in-one design, which makes it difficult for pets to back-out, slip out, or work loose from the collar.


The Keep It On Collar™, a product of C & R Pet Products LLC, conducts business through:

Email: email@keepitoncollar.com

Phone: (541) 779-0613

Cell: (541) 621-4947

Website: www.keepitoncollar.com