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@2013 C&R Pet Products LLC is the manufacturer of Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™ products.

Pet Product Questions

Keep It On Collar™ FAQs

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for the Keep It On Collar™. Here, you will get answers to commonly asked pet product questions regarding the Keep It On Collar ™.

1. What makes the Keep It On Collar™ safer?

It can’t accidentally come undone like buckle or clip-on type collars can. On walks, it’s not likely a pet will get out of the collar, unless the owner opens the clip.

2. Is the Keep It On Collar™ comfortable for pets?

Yes, the Keep It On Collar™ will feel no different and be just as comfortable on your pet as any other flat collar.

3. What is the Keep It On Collar™ made of?

Polyester or nylon webbing, nickel plated hardware and plastic tension locks.

4. Where can I get the Keep It On Collar™?

You can order from the website or call and order over the phone.

5. Where is the Keep It On Collar™ manufactured?

In a small business facility, made in Medford, Oregon.

6. How much does the Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™ cost?


Extra Small is 11″ and under, cost is $14

Small is 16″, cost is $16

Medium is 20″, cost is $18

Large is 24″, cost is $20

Extra Large is 28″, cost is $22

Goliath is 32″, cost is $24


3 ft, cost is $10

4 ft, cost is $12

5 ft, cost is $14

6 ft, cost is $16

7. What animals does the Keep It On Collar™ work best for?

Dogs, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, pot belly pigs; 4H animals; small and baby domestic farm animals.

8. Do you offer different colors of the Keep It On Collar™?

Yes, there are many colors and patterns to choose from. Go to our Order page to view them.

9. Do you offer different sizes of the Keep It On Collar™?

Yes. The collars come in three widths: one inch, three-quarter inch and one-half inch. They can be made any length desired. You can also get the matching Keep It On Leash™and you will never again worry about losing or misplacing your leash while out with your pet.

10. How do I order the Keep It On Collar™?

You can order through our website here, emailing us at email@keepitoncollar.com or order directly by phone.

11. What is the Keep It On Leash™?

The Keep It On Leash™ is a leash that comes in 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft. lengths. The 3 and 4 ft. lengths are great for those times when you may not need or want the added length of a 6 foot leash, like walking in a crowded down town area or flea market.

Keep It On Collar™

How to put on the collar

Measuring your pet’s neck

Keep It On Leash™