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@2013 C&R Pet Products LLC is the manufacturer of Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™ products.

Keep It On Collar™

How to put on the collar

Measuring your pet’s neck

Keep It On Leash™

Obedience Training

Christine Parker, inventor of Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™,  is a dog obedience trainer through her company known as “Manners For Your Mutts” located in Medford, Oregon.  You can find out all about Manners For Your Mutts by going to http://mannersforyourmutts.com.  If you are interested in private obedience training lessons with Manners For Your Mutts, you can contact Chris as follows:




Phone: (541) 779-0613

Cell Phone:  (541) 621-4947


At Manners For Your Mutts Chris’s goal is to help you and your dog to communicate better with each other and have a happier and more harmonious relationship.  Chris can help you to understand how your dog thinks and work together as a team and have fun while learning.

A Word from Christine Parker

“My early years of training mostly involved putting obedience titles on dogs, or helping owners train their dogs towards an obedience title, the majority of my training is geared towards helping the family dog to become a well behaved and welcome member of the family.  Although my main focus in training is working on improving the behavior and relationship with the family dog I can certainly help you if you are interested in training your dog towards an obedience title.

Training is tailored to the needs of both you and your dog.  Your dog’s age and temperament is always taken into consideration and you will both be treated as the individuals you are.”